Buy sofa not only pay attention to price

Sofa, bedroom furniture "plays", into the large home stores, row upon row of various styles of sofas. Personality styles let you unexpected, trapezoidal structures, musical chairs, foot, single sofa bed, and so on. However, how to choose the most suitable for your family sofa, how to make a sofa like new for a long time, to do these really have a lot of skill in it.
Feels sit know
Seats, two seats and three seats, may make different arrangements. So when choosing a sofa, you must first consider the living space and uses, and then follow the overall design to select the right combination. Want to choose a sofa that fits your home, to sit for a minute, if the sensation that a bottom was exposed to, it is best to carefully consider. If they sit, are strongly supporting the body, this sofa is a sofa. Also, when buying a sofa, you want to try sitting in different positions. If you like sitting cross-legged, sofa seating to be deep enough; if it is normal, too deep or too shallow will not feel comfortable seats.
According to sofa sale Miss Sun, general appearance not far from the sofa on the market, but the material is not the same, so don't buy sofa texture difference. Sofa usually heavier quality the better. Leather sofa will be heavier than the sofa.
Buy sofa not only pay attention to price, because some of the identical sofa made of different material, it is best to understand the quality of the sofa. Common sense that includes spring sofa good, but if the spring is not special treatment, a long time, sofa may sound that creaked. In order to avoid wide showroom misleading, so you should understand their living room area, and then select purchase.
Wash "jacket" health
Sofa radiant, needs regular cleaning of stains. Every household, always includes one or a sofa in the living room, family and guests gather to chat. However, the sofa is easy to stain if it is fabric sofa with stains, what methods will be used?
According to Dr Chin Chin introduced Sales Director Jia Rong, sofa with long, cloth cover is dirty. The sofa now, most of you can take off the cloth cover, more upscale materials must be dry-cleaned. Now the fierce market competition, in order to differ in the services, some brands specifically for customers with regular dry cleaning service, charging below-market costs, win customers after the sale
Reputation. Most mid-range fabric sofa fabric can be washed. Cleaning 1 to 3 times a year is sufficient to ensure couch health. Stains if it is only partial, or clean fabric sofa wooden or steel materials, household cleaners can be diluted and used an old toothbrush dipped in cleaning wipe off stains, and then wring a wet towel vigorously tapped, get rid of the detergent, and then sucking up moisture with a dry cloth. To thoroughly remove detergent, it is best to repeat with a damp cloth and a dry cloth tapped.
In addition, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clear surface, floating dust between backrest and cushion sofa, because usually people don't care too much about them. Jia Rong also reminds consumers that some old style sofa frame at the end of a layer mask, these hiding places over time will dusty need to deep clean. These "dead" is not easy to clean up, can you please clean up major domestic companies, cleaning once in two or three years, which will thoroughly clean the sofa in your home. Even if the sofa with the old, old style, still to use health care.
Maintenance leather sofa is not complicated, usually with wrung damp cloth. Dry climate in winter to prevent the leather cracked, use leather cleaner and gently wipe, you can keep the bright sofa, like new for a long time.
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