Cleaning-tips on cleaning and maintenance of the central air conditioning refrigeration equipment

Central air conditioning refrigeration refrigeration equipment can be divided into different compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration system in two ways. As refrigeration equipment, refrigerating efficiency will gradually decrease, and careful analysis is caused by the following reasons:
Scale of a circulating water system causes:
A variety of salts dissolved in natural waters, such as bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride, silicates, etc. Therefore, if you use bicarbonate containing more water as cooling water, when it through the heat exchanger at the heat transfer surface, when heated to decomposition. Equivalent of an aeration process of cooling water through the cooling tower, escape of CO2 dissolved in the water, so water has a PH value will rise. At this point, the bicarbonate will react under alkaline conditions. Therefore, in the heat exchanger of heat transfer on the surface, these micro-solubility salt is very easy to reach saturation point, and crystallizes out of the water. When the flow rate when comparing or comparison of heat transfer surfaces rough, these crystals sediment deposition on heat transfer surface. In addition, the water dissolves the calcium sulfate, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, when the anion and cation concentrations when the product exceeds its solubility, sediment deposited on the heat transfer surface is also generated. These sediments are usually referred to as scale. Because the scale is composed of inorganic salts, so it is also referred to as inorganic scale due to crystallization of these scales compact, hard, so called hard scale. They are usually firmly attached to the heat on the surface, not easy to rinse.
① reduce heat 3%--10%
II easy to block the condenser pipe, ranging from reduced traffic, effect of cooling effect. Serious condenser pipe even when blocked, and scrapped.
③ to provide a forum for some anaerobic bacteria.
Second, corrosion of metals in water circulating system causes:
Chemical cleaning for cooling water system in normal operation as well as sound, fen is often different forms of corrosion.
According to the theory of knowledge of metal corrosion, through careful observation of corrosion test specimens of metal corrosion or damage to your equipment form, in conjunction with a number of other ways, people can find out the cause of the corrosion and measures to solve the problem, so the study of metal corrosion in cooling water system of forms is a very useful method.
Uniform corrosion and pitting corrosion and general corrosion. Its general characteristics are short-range metal corrosion on all exposed surfaces evenly. In the corrosion process, gradually thin metal, and finally destroyed.
Outline of carbon, uniform corrosion occurs mainly in low-PH acidic solution. If you add too much acid, cooling water at low PH reduced to carbon steel corrosion of the equipment will also be significant.
2, Galvanic corrosion. Also known as bi-metal corrosion or galvanic corrosion contact corrosion.
When two different metals are invaded at the time of conductivity of aqueous solutions, often there is a potential difference between the two metals. One example of galvanic corrosion in cooling water system is the brass heat exchanger tubes and carbon steel plate or steel between the water in the cooling water of galvanic corrosion. In the corrosion process, accelerated corrosion is a very thick steel pipe or water Chambers, rather than a thin copper tube. Due to steel pipe plate or Chamber wall is thicker, so can long-term use.

Immersion in corrosion of metal surfaces, or when it is at a gap when other hidden areas, often strong local corrosion.
Fan-coil central air conditioning end and equipment is an indispensable part of the fan-coil unit is usually mounted directly in the air conditioning room, which serves State and the quality of work will affect indoor air quality and noise level. Therefore must make a good air filter and drip tray, coil, air
Machine parts of routine maintenance work, ensure the fan coil unit functioning, does not have a negative impact. Coil: a coil unit tasked with hot and cold water passing through the heat fan coil air mission. In order to ensure efficient heat transfer, required coil surface
Must be kept clean. However, due to the fan-coil are coarse filters equipped with holes bigger, when used at the beginning, it is inevitable that dust through the filters attached to the coil pipe or ribbed surface. Hefei air conditioning clean if not clean, to make a coil in the hot and cold water and
Coil drain reduces the amount of air between the heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger efficiency could exert.
Meaning, fan-coil cleaning:
Fan-coil unit after a period of use, fin and the impeller will accumulate dust and bacteria, when dust reaches a certain thickness, the finned cooling effect will be affected, resulting in a room temperature not up to requirements, without cleaning the fan coil will breed a variety of bacteria, these organisms
Causes respiratory tract illness, it is recommended that the fan-coil should be cleaned on a regular basis.
Fan-coil cleaning solution
Cleaning of the fan-coil system is part of the central air conditioning duct cleaning, including wind, air, and small fins and other parts. Fan coil cleaning benefits is as follows:
Clear bacteria, dust in the air and return air systems, improving indoor air quality
Reducing the wind resistance of variable air volume air conditioning units, improve the heat exchange efficiency, increased air and save energy;
Fan-coil system maintenance on a regular basis, extend unit life;
Reduce operating costs, improve asset value;
2, fan-coil cleaning methods and processes
Air blower plate tube clean method
Make-up air units and fan-coil cleaning methods can be divided into:
Dry cleaning, wet cleaning method
Air conditioning in Hefei fluoridation dry cleaning method is mainly maintained by dust-cleaning units and fan-coil cleaning, cleaning cycles and frequency of once a month, the cleaning process without the use of chemical cleaning agents.
Mainly through the dust by wet cleaning cleaning and biological environmental protection agents combine to maintain fresh air units and fan-coil cleaning, wash cycles and frequency of once every 6 months.
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