Healthy and orderly development of the central air conditioning clean is imperative

Mall central air conditioning is used to adjust the mall the temperature, humidity and fresh air all year round, improve the shopping environment of comfort. But without maintenance of central air conditioning systems, and air conditioning and refrigeration effect will be worse, less and less, consume more and more, cost more, equipment damage was severe, some users of the air conditioning system uses a year paralysed.
As of right now, cleaning of central air conditioning equipment cost is high, high cleaning costs caused, this is one property not timely cleaning of central air-conditioning systems, especially the biggest cause of air duct systems. In addition, because most consumers pay more attention to short-term interests, objective caused the dwindling of the central air conditioning clean industry.
Introduced in the cleaning industry management service specification and the cleaning industry qualification evaluation system is a clean industry based standards document, more detailed the cleaning technology of central air conditioning ventilation system management specification provides for central air conditioning ventilation system of professional cleaning equipment, professional cleaning Agency, cleaning procedures and cleaning process of project supervision and inspection after cleaning.
Central air conditioning ventilation system is accumulated health corner, its area is much larger than we usually can be cleaned to the unit area. Not long-term access to clean air ducts for harmful substances to provide a safe and secure environment, and they will continue to breed and with the ease of air ducts indoors spread air secondary pollution caused by air conditioning inside. Central air conditioning clean market opportunities and challenges, healthy and orderly development of the central air conditioning clean is imperative.
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