Central air conditioning clean industry norms need to proceed step by step

Central air conditioning is different from ordinary air conditioners for household use, their composition is much more complex, and then comes the issue is cleaning, central air conditioning clean industry chaos, lack of specific policy measures and management. While recession is very serious, this is one of the reasons the industry balked. In this case management approach to Beijing and Shanghai first introduced, results for the unknown, but hope the two cities can lead to help central air conditioning clean up the industry norms.
Expert on chaotic phenomena, think the main reason is the cleaning costs are too high and the air cleaning did not correctly understand the cause. According to the air conditioning and refrigeration markets survey, to present a mainland city cleaning price of 30 yuan per square meter, if cleaning thousands of square meters office building of the whole central air conditioning system and the exhaust pipe at a cost of tens of thousands of to a hundred thousand of Yuan, enough to discourage many property. No coercive measures under the provisions of the General is not washed regularly, also does not recognize the air conditioning clean to avoid spreading germs, purify the air and extending the service life of air conditioning.
In early December the city of Shanghai the Shanghai central air conditioning ventilation system hygiene regulations (hereinafter referred to as the methods), as a local regulation, the approach or will be under pressure. Number of central air conditioning in Shanghai in the future for a long time will still maintain a rapid growth, but the health situation is worrying. According to the refrigeration Express Reporter, local Government Department said the measures aimed at strengthening the implementation of Shanghai central air conditioning ventilation system hygiene, prevention and control of air the incidence and prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, protection of public health. Noteworthy is that this approach is followed in April this year the Beijing Central air conditioning ventilation system hygiene control measures for central air conditioning ventilation system: after the implementation of the national part of local regulations on health.
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