Health supervision departments should increase the intensity of central air conditioning cleaning industry management

Central air conditioning is in use after a period of time, filters, evaporator and air supply system will accumulate large amounts of dust, dirt, and produce large amounts of bacteria and viruses. If not cleaned, not disinfected, these harmful substances in indoor air circulation not only pollute the indoor air and harm human health, and central air conditioning will also gradually reduce the amount of air volume and air, affecting the refrigeration effect. Poor cooling effect for a long time, will also affect central air conditioning chiller or the life of the compressor.
To guarantees public of health, concentrated air conditioning ventilation system health management has became people must face of problem one of, is prevention and control infectious diseases in public within spread of main measures, for by experts years of investigation and sought views Hou, March 10, 2011, Ministry of health again amendment of public health management Ordinance implementation rules in the clear pointed out that: public used concentrated air conditioning ventilation system of, should meet public concentrated air conditioning ventilation system related health specification and provides of requirements.
The cleaning technology of central air conditioning ventilation system came into effect on November 1 regulations, provides central air conditioning ventilation system cleaning professional cleaning equipment, professional institutions, in the process of cleaning procedures and cleaning of the engineering supervision and inspection after cleaning.
Application of central air-conditioning in China than abroad many years later, air conditioning cleaning industry formation and air cleaning of practical implementations inevitably need time. Health watchdog needs more management system, strict management on central air conditioning clean industry is imperative.
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