Road to industrialization of the cleaning industry and professional development

With China's sustained and rapid development of the national economy, production, high requirements to the quality of life, increased demand for various cleaning. Cleaning resulting in a huge market. Civil, industrial clean development is gradually taking shape in the growing industrial and professional operation.
Development of cleaning industry not only is the product of people's living standards improved, but also the unique product of the rapid development of urban construction. I found in the southern China market research, development of cleaning industry as a whole is set in southern China standardization, high efficiency, perfect in one. Cleaning industry standardization of the operation as a whole is through constant practice accumulated for decades, showed a maturity of market operation mechanism. Cleaning company in South China have several tens of millions of assets and have a sound management team, for cleaning market in South China for national clean role models to the market.
Development of cleaning industry, are the product of social demand, also contributed to the industry's own specialization, the cleaning industry specialization and continuously improve. Satisfaction of the professional technology, service has been welcomed by more customers. With the increase of marketing benefits, cleaning agencies can come up with more money for professional cleaning equipment purchases, training of professional staff, professional cleaning concepts continuously updated.
Market research, the author also visited many famous clean manufacturers and distributors. Shenzhen Rui Decheng sanitation technology development in the process of talking to General Manager Li Ruichi, Li said that with the improvement of people's living standards, deepen awareness of and attention to environmental protection and environmental health, the cleaning industry in the society's attention to the industrial and professional development. However, while the span of the cleaning industry and development in China, but technical and product quality still lags far behind other advanced countries. To clean the device, for example, at present there are many manufacturers, but most of them are copy and OEM products are mostly lack the ability of independent development and production, product performance was not stable. Domestic cleaning equipment at the low end of the market for fighting a price war and occupied a certain market share, but facing the high-end market, but prohibitive.
Lee total also think, on China clean industry,, Enterprise future development of direction should is full industry structure associates integration or professional subdivision adjustment, on as stone nursing from cleaning industry stand out became a professional, but it of professional and technology requirements than cleaning job to strengthened many, professional technology also than cleaning job requirements high; China clean industry future development of mode and direction to by enterprise itself of accumulated, utilization the aspects resources, only will steadily forward development.
In clean industry industrialization and professional of development road Shang, clean enterprise to wants to in industry in the invincible, first must to do of is upgrade enterprise itself in industry in the of competitiveness, in technological innovations and talent training aspects diversified development, labour both combined formed integration, full enterprise competition of internal and external strength, from technology industrialization efficiency and benefits starting, timely master market information, strengthened enterprise internal personnel of skills training, multi-directional balance enterprise structure, constantly develop innovation, to quality for fundamental, To the credibility of survival, in order to enable enterprises in an unassailable position on the path of sustainable development.

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