Carpet the conservation of several important steps to make your home more beautiful

Carpet for beauty, comfort, insulation, sound-absorbing characteristics, apart from in upscale hotel rooms, a restaurant, conference rooms and other places outside the widely, more and more shopping malls and family of all ages. The industry believes that with China's tourism and hotel industry and the real estate industry's rapid development and improved living environment, the improvement of living standards in China, our carpet industry will have a much broader market.
As a highlight level, using a wide range of decorative items, carpets a wide variety of materials, wool, nylon, hemp can be divided into three types. Grade high of decorative carpet and elastic ground, and wood ground, and stone ground of difference is, which is two dimension ground, and former is three dimensional, except long wide zhiwai also has shades, carpet surface by many of separate fiber or wool composition, each fiber and has its itself of surface, these increased of surface produced has following two a results: a is carpet has than flat ground more big of can pollution area; II is stains can into carpet of third dimension deep. So the carpet to glue more dirt than the ground.
In order to make the carpet longer, reduce costs for users, and from the date of laying the carpet, you should correct the carpet cleaning and maintenance. If not kept, it is easy to cause deterioration or discoloration of carpet, sacrificing comfort and aesthetics, but achieve the opposite result of laying carpet. Carpet characteristics require special care. Different types of carpet, there are different methods of cleaning and cleaning cycles. To properly maintain the rug, must possess good expertise, developed and implemented a complete cleaning plan, professional carpet cleaning maintenance system so more and more people of all ages.
Carpet maintenance system includes carpet protection, daily maintenance, medium, thoroughly clean the four conservation units.
A protective Carpet stain is generally divided into the main components of dry dirt and wet dirt. Dry dirt mainly sand, dust and other wet dirt is mainly water, oil, tea, coffee stains. Dry stains and wear the carpet fibers, the carpet's surface becomes dull, severe cases can lead to fiber loss, shortened life expectancy; wet dirt contaminate the fiber is affected. Since carpet fibers is very fragile and careless cleaning will damage caused irreparable damage and, therefore, reduce the frequency of cleaning, "heavy protection, light relief" is one of the important principles of conservation.
Second, daily maintenance
Daily maintenance work includes two things: first, daily cleaning, and the other is to dehumidify the stains and marks. Thorough vacuuming is the most important maintenance of carpets, dust collection can reduce the frequency of cleaning every day helps keep it soft and comfortable.
Wet stains the best cleaning time is within 24 hours, it is recommended that dynamic management, use the local deep cleaning of carpets and the carpet cleaning machines, fiber can reduce the damage and ensure the carpet after cleaning the surface without leaving any traces.
Third, the medium-term conservation
After a period of use, carpet fiber to undergo damage, the need for medium-term conservation.
Four, thoroughly clean the
Procedures are as follows: 1 thoroughly vacuuming the carpet; local local depth 2, use the carpet cleaning machine cleaning; 3, using a three-in-one wash carpet cleaning machines, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and then against the carpet cleaning, repeat twice; 4, flush with water (warm water effect); 5, dry ground.
Different types of carpet, there are different methods of cleaning and cleaning cycles. Regular loop carpet maintenance carpet doubling the service life will be extended.
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