His kitchen smoke vent seal again with the public smoke pipe joint

About two o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, Jianning road, Nanjing No. 300, an entertainment Club on the third floor of the kitchen fire, smoke filled the time. Cleaning company in Hangzhou, fume pipes cleaning service, Purifier clean, CAI witnessed the public introduction, when the flue in the kitchen on fire, from the choking smoke. But staff put out in time, automatic spray equipment also play a role, and fire services arrived, the fire has been put out. It is understood that the flue is several food and beverage outlets, fire has asked the Club for rectification of the fire. There were no casualties in the fire, but once affected shops downstairs open, some shops will close temporarily closed, half an hour before resumption of normal order.
Home never to Cook, but cooking smell was floating away, often dining time, all kinds of smoke and the smell of food would have flied on time. Who lives in urban city nanming home Mr LU a, recently troubled by something, only to find out later, are neighbors who the common flue removal, smoke caused by flooding.
Mr LU and his wife just got married and has no children, often at their parents ' House "meal", the House was renovated a few years, but have never cooked at home, had dinner. However, they are unexpected, all year round, there are all kinds of smoke and the smell of food home. At first, they thought it was the open window of, all the Windows are closed tightly, still with no success. Hangzhou Jin Qi flue cleaning service, smoke pipe cleaning, kitchen
Mr LU live in 4 floor, the apartment altogether 5 layers, above and below sharing a smoke pipe. 2007 renovation ended, shortly after he lived in smell, smell later grew. Home smoked all day cooking smell, ranglu and his wife was sick.
Many find reason to staff, as in his kitchen exhaust port to seal the deal with the public smoke pipe joint again, but the results still do not. Lu pulled off the ceiling in the kitchen, back up to get the results. "This is the kitchen odor problem because tore down the public upstairs flue led downstairs neighbors kitchen range hood could not be discharged, intrusion occurs. Pipe is broken or clogged, flue tampering do not patch, hood seal interface is not strong, the odor will occur. "Mr Lu invited workers to find out the cause. Originally, 5/f neighbour too public smoking space, decoration, be removed. So, problems with smoke downstairs, kitchen fumes odor appears.
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