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Since the advent of the glass curtain wall building, with its light weight, short and stylish features, favored by many builders. Since 1984 in Shanghai China's first glass curtain wall building---friendship building to fall, in more than 20 years, China's rapid development into the world's first production of glass curtain wall and use power. But with the application of the broad security problem caused glass curtain walls are more and more attention.
Beautiful huge hidden under the cloak of
It is reported that China now has 200 million square meters of glass curtain wall, accounting for 85% of the world, has become China's urban fashion label, however, confusion, absolved of responsibility, resulting in each piece of glass curtain wall glass could be a safety hazard, every passerby might get hurt. In constant pursuit of speed and a high level of urbanization in China train, glass curtain wall of the glamorous "modern dress", is once again on the other side of exposing ferocious.
From early July 19 Qingchun East Road girls innocent Zhu started the tragic amputation, glass from the explosion also occur: Hangzhou gate style glass door blew away from the center of the street and wounding three girls; Ningbo globe, 21/f, glass curtain wall burst, it began to "glass rain" ... ... Since the summer, the province total glass from blast events took place more than 10. Glass curtain wall building supervision and management to ensure urban security, became public to look forward to in the summer.
Xinhua interview that most of the glass curtain wall adhesive fixing, General 10-20 years age, is very likely to fall off. Due to disrepair, shedding problem of aging of glass curtain wall, a direct threat to the safety of the public. According to a latest survey showed that currently thousands of building glass curtain wall decoration in the portal buildings, more than half of there is a security risk.
Caused by light pollution of glass curtain wall
In addition to safety concerns, a large area of glass brings serious "light pollution". Research showed that, mirror glass of light reflection coefficient can reached 82%-88%, this let we in senior building in the big area using of glass curtain wall, far see to on like a chunks dozens of meters wide, and near hundred meters high of huge mirror, and on traffic situation and traffic lights for reflection, dang reflection light into high-speed driving of car within, will caused people of burst sex temporarily blind and vision illusion, serious to against pedestrian and driver of Visual function.
Summer in long-term exposure of glass under sunlight into the room, strong spines look line would also undermine original good indoor atmosphere, average 4 c room temperature ~6 degrees centigrade. Long time working and living in a white bright and polluting the environment, easily lead to vision loss, dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, loss of appetite and depression and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia, makes the normal physiological and psychological changes over time can cause certain diseases. So, the State Environmental Protection Administration received complaints of light pollution across the country every year, also attracted the attention of national authorities.
Specification for installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair existing blind spot
As important subsidiary part of the main building, glass curtain wall installation, acceptance of strict norms.
This reporter has learned, Hangzhou City, Hangzhou Government introduced in 2007 on architectural glass curtain wall used in the notification of the relevant provisions, provisions for glass curtain wall for 10 years of normal use should be one reliable testing of performance assessment, once after 5 years.
My city was mainly in accordance with the national relevant laws such as the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering, management of glass curtain wall construction, installation. National housing sector in 2006, the existing safety measures for the maintenance and management of building curtain wall, owner of clear glass curtain wall "in principle" once every 10 wall security identification is required, and guarantees for routine maintenance, repair, security, identification and overhauling fees.
However, the West Lake culture square installation engineering quality inspection Center said one staff, although there are standard, but very few real proactive detection units or owners.
Absence of security maintenance, and repair of glass curtain wall, why not? An industry analyst, first of all, maintenance, and repair of glass curtain wall and qualified market institutions are rare. In Hangzhou, has hundreds of enterprises engaged in exterior wall maintenance, but the vast majority are cleaning the glass curtain wall, glass curtain wall is not overhauled. Secondly, the glass curtain wall maintenance and repair costs are also in a State of lack.
Industry insiders suggested strengthening supervision of glass curtain wall
In cities such as Shanghai, Qingdao, in fact, discovered the problem early, intended for glass curtain wall archives, specifically when to install them, reach a certain age, is responsible for the unit to call the property, urge them to the replacement, and specialized management institutions will be set up. So, is there any similar institution in Hangzhou? When we encounter a glass off, self and other security issues, in addition to the accountability of property units, who supervises the else can? And which institutions in the glass before self, find will nip the danger in the bud?
Reporter on this problem visited has in the joint glass curtain wall Institute of Chen Dean, "security glass of concept early in 1997 on proposed to, but we national of legal in this aspects no detailed of expressly, also is to from glass itself of security can starting, will glass curtain wall into unified of environment evaluation range, strictly control glass curtain wall of design, and installation; second, strengthening on glass curtain wall of security index regulatory, especially requirements installation units used more security of glass products. In addition to the problem of falls from a height, on a fire Lightning Safety should also pay enough attention. ”
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