Home improvement the regular company and private price differences obvious

2009 hottest property market turnover, was a bright decoration market by 2010.
It is understood that starting from the end of 2009, singular in the renovation market showed a significant increase, quietly recruiting and decoration companies, wants to grab a bigger share of the renovation market.
Meanwhile, a number of owners after the handover, also started getting ready for a renovation work, such as repair costs where are the flowers, the owners also require clearly the consumer, in terms of material quality, the movement of parts and many other aspects of how to buy peace of mind, in the face of a variety of decorating the trap, consumers should understand and grasp some knowledge of decoration, avoid and reduce the amount of spending money.
Status: decoration prices vary from the three
High or low prices are renovation costs
It is understood that, in many cases, similar to some of the same type, size, visually similar to real estate, its final cost was very different.
The reason, lies in the selection of decoration materials. Like some natural materials and simulation of materials, often several times; the material itself quality, firm texture and life, will also affect the price of materials.
In addition, the brand products with knockoff products of material price gap is very large.
Southern Star and Board officials say, the raw material is a major factor affecting the cost of renovation, many seemingly identical material spreads up to several times or more than 10 times, so the selection is the key.
Construction cost difference
Technical level of construction enterprises ' personnel will also affect the cost of the renovation. In the selection of material under the same conditions, the craft experience, skill levels of workers affected the quality of decoration of the whole House. Decoration company offers benefits vary in size, but the costs are not discounted if there is bound to affect the quality of decoration.
"Renovation is a complex process, home decoration related jobs, cross operation, and the sequence of operations is vital to ensure the construction quality. "Dongguan a decoration company official said, decorating costs arising from the nature of corporate governance is reflected in the prices of household decoration decoration, construction management also affect the price.
Regular company and private price differences obvious
It is understood that given the free association of private career, there is no fixed office space, low operating costs, and the quality and service is guaranteed. Regular company is different, because of the need to equip technical staff in addition to high in every aspect than the private cost of the renovation.
"Formal and private decoration of the price difference is quite obvious. "Industry, Chen said, under the same conditions, movement of renovation costs most in 20%, and some are even higher.
Mr Chan said, the first company to cover office costs and staff salaries, also taking into account the company's profits, if it is too low the company simply cannot survive.
Fishy: Kickback can also increase the cost of the renovation
Buying a House is decorated, but what about the renovation process how many hidden traps? Recently, the industry veteran Lee told reporters who uncovered some of the architectural decoration industry insider.
From the consolidated "purchases" extract costs
Decorating the House, generally there are two, one is the owners to purchase material, the other is by decoration companies to buy or get bought. In both of these procurement methods, the second decoration companies bought or brought to buy most of the kickbacks. "Enterprise owners ' organizations, led mostly by decoration, collective purchasing to a specified store. Activities, decoration companies drawn from the transactions contributed to a certain percentage of returns. "Mr Lee says that due to renovation company in cooperation with many manufacturers or store, so it can meet the owners of all procurement requirements.
Guide to buy the same trick
As consumer awareness of the public, more and more people will choose to purchase their own decoration materials, on the face of it, seem to have nothing to do with decoration companies, but there are also some maneuvering room.
Mr Lee told reporters, where consumers often consult materials cheaper, product quality or price, decoration companies usually recommends a few brands to consumers or businesses, even telling them a discount. Decoration will not be accompanied by the owner of the company, but will usually inform the businessmen, when consumers go after recommending businesses to buy building materials and decoration firms could get rebates, business is "reciprocity, the rich must make."
Reminder: all things as hands-on as
For decorating problems, most professionals offer consumers in decoration materials market before Scouting, and understand some of the information collected. Through Scouting, to know the product sales prices, "shop around" found in some relatively affordable materials also from the environmental point of view material try to use China consumers Association recommend green products, as well as by Health Department inspection of the product.
Renovation services should "trust,"
Consumers who provide excellent service, first of all to "trustworthy". Industry insiders believe, reliable standard decoration qualification good, reputable companies, according to type of objective circumstances designed a renovation of the package, but consumers should be careful to protect their rights in the contract, give full play to autonomy, and not to be decoration company holding his nose walking, spend a lot of money.
Looking for private renovations, to find the acquaintance introduces chef, rather than where to see the decoration of the master. Acquaintances recommend, first and foremost have received services, better understanding of the content and quality of the services, because many of the private is also relying on the development of existing client business, so Word of mouth will also pay attention to some.
"Trust" is not equivalent course unattended
Many people in the process of renovation, always complain about the waste of time decorating, so some people get lazy from time to time for a while in the renovation process.
"So long as housing decoration, be sure to take the time, investment and energy. "Mr Lee says, when you started, note taking real-time supervision. Although the contract, substandard repair, but repair might delay that arrival time. In addition, it is a waste of materials and spend more money, but also cause unpleasant.
So before the renovation, be sure to plan well, only good planning can reduce the cost.
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