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China indoor decoration Association of environment monitoring center has released survey results are shocking: the number of deaths per year caused by indoor air pollution in China has reached more than 100,000 people! As an important building materials for home improvement, flooring was the important agenda of environmental protection. Experts put forward the "four words" to help consumers choose green flooring, pollution in the door.
Look: see packaging
Packaging, see certificate. Regular manufacturers in General, whether it is domestic or imported in the packaging will be in either Chinese or English text logo, for on the package is in English be careful, is likely to be of small manufacturers to deceive consumers, "a smokescreen." Regular manufacturers in order to maintain the reputation is generally in line with State regulations of environmentally friendly raw materials, and small plant behavior is difficult to guarantee. Also is requiring businesses to show ISO14001 international environment system certification and China environmental label certification.
Smell: smell
A small piece of the model can be soaked in boiling water at the top of 1-3 minutes to see if sharp taste. Green floors due to low formaldehyde emission, normally do not smell the pungent odor, if you smell of pungent strong, even make your eyes feel uncomfortable, show that the floor substrate containing a lot of free formaldehyde, will pollute the air.
Ask: ask the experts
Ask people in the trade or purchases before consulting a knowledgeable relatives or friends, let them recommend it, focus ask technical instruction and experience. Running businesses or building materials market, shop around, don't buy inferior products for cheap, when too late to regret.
Cutting: experience
See more knowledge widely. If you want to purchase to satisfactory floor, his sense of the floor must be able to understand. Such as formaldehyde, wear-resistant strength, known as indicators, water absorption, static bending strength, dimensional stability and a number of key indicators, also affect the performance of the floor.
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