On construction of chemical cleaning of central air conditioning industry security

Device-scale parts and cleaning (| | | boiler chemical cleaning industrial cleaning cleaning cleaning of the heat exchanger) method in order to save water and energy, enhance the cooling effect of air conditioning equipment, to the cooling water system of central air conditioning, chilled water systems, fin into three parts and a full range of cleaning the surface. Due to the various parts of the environment and conditions vary greatly, and the type of dirt and rust-also very different.
For cooling water systems, notably scaling problem, scaling is attached on the heat transfer surface of a layer of insoluble salt or oxide crystal growth. Its production, mostly due to the deep contraction ratio of circulating cooling water and the condenser heat-exchanger water temperature rise in solubility of salts in the water are affected by. Such as: C+2HCO-3=CaCO3 ↓ +CO2 ↑ +H2O due to rising temperature and move to the right. So that the supersaturation of insoluble calcium carbonate crystallizes in the heat transfer surfaces. Scaling effect the flow of cooling water, a thin layer of scale to make the sharp decline in the rate of heat transfer. Cleaning of the cooling water system, in addition to scale rust, sludge, outer, also need to consider the scale of the cleaning, pickling in chemical cleaning of large proportion.
The chilled water is in a closed cycle, the water does not evaporate, circulating water concentration, there is no oversaturation problem of insoluble salts, water temperature is low, so chilled-water system can be said to not scale growth conditions. Chilled water system is mostly clay dirt, rust, it is generated by the corrosion of water oxides and foreign matter mainly for clay, equipments introducing grease gathering of loose, porous or gel-like pose, you can often see a lot of microorganisms. Chemical cleaning of the chilled water system operation is to remove equipment and piping the oil on the water surface, rust, chemical (| | | boiler chemical cleaning industrial cleaning cleaning cleaning of the heat exchanger) operation in the large proportion of alkali-washed, so as to reduce the potential risk of corroding metal.
Clean cooling water system, can play a role in water and energy saving of chilled water systems. But serious effects equipment cooling effect of air conditioner fin surface dirt. Aluminum fin surface of the air conditioner is in the air, aluminum is quite stable in the air, regardless of rust problems. Fin is mostly between large amounts of dust, soot and various types of fibrous material jams, fume dirt is more serious for the restaurant, which will seriously affect the cooling effect. Aluminum fins are thin, fin-gap small, low intensity, slightly deform easily, especially for the ceiling type air handler fan-coil air conditioners and cleaning operations extremely difficult, considerable if removed for cleaning. For fin surface cleaning you can use air-soluble surfactants, similar to the dust cleaning (| | | boiler chemical cleaning industrial cleaning cleaning cleaning of the heat exchanger) washing the carpet approach resolved by special tools. Can also use liquid cleaning agents if possible pressure washing, cleaning fluid through the condenser disk recovery recycling. Air conditioning keeps cases, fin contains a lot of dew condensation on the surface, the latter approach is more appropriate. Practice has proved that finned after cleaning and cooling effect can be restored to the original design.
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