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How to wood floor wax

Several rooms were paved in wood floor of my house, used after some time found some black, heard that waxing is a conventional way of maintenance, can you explain the specific operating procedure?
Whether new or old crack not waxed waxing the floor, first of all, it should be clean and completely dry start.
(1) at least three times, wax, always use downy fabric or friction of waxing the floor so that the wax into the wood.
(2) If you want a shiny effect, every time it is hit lightly in wax with a soft cloth polishing.
(3) the selection or polyester amino floor wax, using a clean brush three times.
Pay special attention to the floor joints.
(4) every time it is hit, stay dry, with very fine sandpaper, wipe, then play again.
Flooring should drag every day once.
You have to use a broom to clean the floor, ensure the floor clean and free of dust.
Then add detergent and warm water wipe.
MOP should not be immersed too wet, then rinse again.
Then wipe with a brightener, but don't use too much, because if the light is too thick, floor became slippery with fat.
In General, floor cleaning once a month would be sufficient.
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