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Kitchen to an "oil war"

Home cleaning is through the so-called Professional cleaners use cleaning equipment, tools and chemicals, on the Mainland of room surfaces, walls, ceilings, balcony, kitchen, bathroom and other parts for cleaning cleaning: Windows and doors, glass, kitchen, sanitary ware, furniture for specific treatment in order to achieve the aim of environmental cleaning, sterilization and corrosion, maintenance.
Property cleaning refers to the unit of real estate, cleaning and maintenance of permanent structures.
Regular housekeeping purposes is: be clean on the premise of not damaged, restore in perfect condition, and extending its functionality, increased service life, achieving value for money, or value.
Property management company does not develop cleaning business today, but the cleaning business package for a professional cleaning company, which currently occupy a large proportion, thus the faster development of the cleaning company.
Currently maintained cleanliness company's basic service includes: external walls/glass, cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor/floor washing, waxing polishing, air conditioning/machinery and equipment operation and maintenance, and so on.
In cleaning company service of quality Shang, with professional level of improve and market competition of increased, cleaning company of service has is not is number years Qian people impression in the of clean guerrillas has, all cleaning company has has formal of Office, has has modern of clean equipment, has has after professional training of cleaning Member, he (she) are wearing unified of uniforms, with specification of service and decent of behavior manners get has people of recognized, has became modern big city life in the not missing of a member.
Cleaning it a few years ago is unlikely to understand words, today people blurt out a modern language.
Maintains cleanliness the profession the term
Reclamation generally refers to the building official prior to the external walls of buildings, outer glass and Interior floors, walls, glass, bathrooms, stairs, elevators and other facilities of the cleaning process.
Cleaning refers to the use of General or special methods of public facilities, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and other daily or periodic cleaning process.
Cleaning refers to the use of physical and chemical methods, using cleaning agents, cleaning equipment, cleaning tools for facilities, equipment, high-rise building's outer walls, glass, aircraft, vessels, instrumentation, such as decontamination, descaling of the cleaning process.
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