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Car cleaning supplies

When you wash your car, because car parts materials of different texture, shape, should use the appropriate supplies.
Car wash supplies including water, sponge, towel, bath towel, deerskin, scrub brush, and so on.
Also need rust Remover special cleaning and degreasing agent.
Ordinary car wash supplies are described below.
(1) water.
Car washing job is the most neglected water, poured a bucket of water on the body surface, not only aim to clean at the end, but a disservice.
Car wash jobs clean water requirements, do not use without filter or contaminated water, so as not to affect the washing effect, or have damage or corrosion on the table.
Generally, we use tap water up to the car wash water standards, is worthy of note, when recycled, and all links to strict customs, to ensure water quality.
(2) sponge.
Sponge used to wipe the car body in a car wash job, because it has good flexibility and ability to absorb water, will help protect the paint and increase operational efficiency.
Foam used in the car washing job has specific requirements, it should have the above features at the same time, also has a certain toughness, tensile strength and wear resistance.
(3) towels and bath towels.
Towels and bath towels are consumable in car wash supplies, due to its mainly used for cleaning the body, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, there should be fines in the process of wiping off, ordinary towels and bath towels will be difficult to meet the requirements of applications in car wash towels and towel the best selection of non-woven products.
(4) the deer.
Deerskin is widely used in the car washing job, mainly used to wipe the table.
Which was given to the market, not only because of its soft texture and paint protection, mainly because it has a good ability to absorb water, especially for the purge of the body surface and glass of water film with excellent results.
But first in a car wash job with a towel or bath towel on the table after the dry, then wipe with deerskin further, to take advantage of the extended life of the buckskin.
In addition, when buckskin is selected, choose thick, leather toughness, good resistance to abrasion.
(5) the scrub brush.
Scrub brush is mainly used for tires, Fender attached to the Earth scale, such as clear, because these parts of the soil attached to thick, easy to wash, so when it comes to car wash scrub in a targeted manner.
Scrubbing-brushes use bristles brush is best, Mane scrubbing-not only with good toughness and wear resistance, can also reduce cleaning operations wear on rubber and plastic components.
Not promoting the use of plastic fiber brush.
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