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Natural stone conservation

Beautiful patterns and colors with natural stone, over other industrialized products more unique charm, it provides designers with a broad space designs at the same time, while pursuing the natural, green fashion, decorated in more and more people are using natural stone.

Good decorative natural stone depends on the quality and processing blocks.
High quality stone surface pattern does not contain too much color noise, color uniformity, no short thick cases, after processing, the quality stones will be a lot of unable to cover Milton "defect", so to speak, stone pattern on the surface color is an important index for evaluating quality of stone.
Such as processing technologies and processes do not cross the border, processing products will occur after warping, dents, spots, stains, chipping away corners, cracks, color, lines, hollow phenomenon, not top grade "with the wood".
According to specialized processing and sales of imported stone, General Manager of Beijing Yue Zhang Wenjia MS, high quality natural stone plates cutting edges neat and perfect corners, smooth surface, high brightness, touch without sense.
Also, when you select the stone, in addition to select the color of the stone surface patterns, gloss and appearance quality decorative properties, stone material should also be considered of compressive strength, bending strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance, hardness and other physical and chemical properties.
Stone has a decorative function, but also in the process of taking into account in harmony with the surrounding environment, particularly when a variety of color combinations.
General situation Xia, living room, big area "public space" ground best with white, and beige, shallow tones products, because, light and variety of furniture are can achieved perfect combination, to fickle of you more show personality of stage; dark will makes around of environment is crisp, but big area of using or match improper is will produced suppressed sense, like some small area of table, dotted sex of decorative best used dark products, such both can up to dotting of role, and not makes people produced Ethereal of feel.
Care to both specimen
Because stones naturally occurring micro-holes, pores smaller, the stronger the adsorption on the surface of the capillary action, stone is that many diseases "through the hole and into".
As a stone paving the ground material sewage suction Nurgle, causing lesions of "pollution" generally has two: one from the stone surface, when such as coffee, tea, ink coloured liquid and fine dust, bio-corrosion of its body is difficult to clean up after.
Since stone need maintenance maintenance, some processing enterprise and consumers will in stone of surface Shang waxing be protection, but Dang wax cover in stone surface Hou, stone surface of pores on will was blocking, two times maintenance Shi, has exists stone surface of wax on will became protection into stone internal of obstacles, then, stone and ground between of cement or stick received agent on will because wet or chemical reactions slowly "invaded" stone of body, caused stone returned alkali and color spot, lesions.
This "show" not only no cure stone disease, can also make symptoms worse, which also produced the stone material pathological change of another "pollution."
Stone beauty (conservation) is a new industry in nearly two years, usually through the use of professional role achieve the conservation of stone conservation agent.
Conservation of the infiltration of agents with high, can penetrate the stone finishes of 3 to 5 cm, forming crystals clogging tiny holes, play a protective role.
According to Zhang introduced, plant care is the inevitable trend in the development of China's stone industry, some of the larger firms like kaiyue after the stone has a set of protective measures, compared to after the construction and installation of stone conservation, stone before use, from factory assembly-line cannot be processed stone after stone can be installed surface protection treatment significantly better than paving and maintenance.
Recently, the State building materials test center of stone 4 stone, one of the Beijing Yue launched "buy stone, sent to conservation, care" activities.
During the event, Kai Rong Quan Yue yuquan road building materials stores or Evergreen double tree stores the company any one marble, granite products, customers can receive a free bottle of stone curing agent, purchased more than 50 square meters, customers can enjoy the stone foundations of nursing time provided by the company.
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