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9 it should be noted that requirements for buying flooring

9 it should be noted that requests to buy floor: 1 don't buy color flooring:
Now added color floor large full market, this is China floor industry not health of reasons, first everyone spell price, didn't profit has, again in floor quality Shang effort, first, they with b level Board filling a, level Board, or took 1/3 of a, level Board added into 2/3 of b level Board, due to b level Board Board surface has poles, and double color, and white side, scarring need with PuTTY and color patch, and to let you see not out this is patch Hou of Board, they only in Board surface coloring, do of good of in slot mouth and back also coloring, So you see this is the coloring, and the difference is small, the Pan is beautiful, but add color floor after paving, slightly over time, because the surface is patched, cracked, blasting paint and other problems, and if you Polish patches, due to the color off your floor, did you see the facial makeup of Beijing Opera?
Buy floor 2, note the slot and thickness: these two points are critical, as we all know, floor thickness should be 18mm, But market Shang has many 17.5mm of floor, but I is not said poor has 0.5mm floor effect will by effect, key is 17.5mm floor more is thickness insufficient of Board or Shun bent Board restructuring of, and Shun bent board most is drying bad or stress problem didn't solution of, such of floor is dangerous of, it of problem in Pu loaded Hou will displayed out, performance for up arch, corrugated,, and slot mouth length is manufacturers addition a Jerry of method, due to ground area is to board surface width and length to calculation of, so manufacturers slot mouth more short, it of Board surface on will more wide, such, he virtually on reduced has cost, and he such do, caused damage of is consumption Those notches short of the floor, it is prone to noise, stepped on the floor Squeak. Avoid above two species lie trick of way for a: purchase floor Shi first with see, see floor texture whether clear, whether has normal chromatic aberration exists, again let manufacturers in purchase single Shang description whether is added color Board (coloring Board), back installation Shi will floor saw open, will side coated Sheung Shui, see Board color whether consistent, as differences big, that for coloring Board, on slot mouth, National standards is 3.5mm~4mm, can volume about, if not aspects measurement, you can will two block Board spell in with, hold a, another a loft dip 45 degrees, see another a whether will fell to, if off down, that is has may is slot mouth length insufficient, addition on mosaic Shi slot mouth had tight of floor to carefully, because some manufacturers to let Board not off down, deliberately will slot mouth do of is tight, and normal slot mouth is has must clearance of.
3, pay attention to the difference between paint: the paint on the flooring market today there are basically 2 types of Pu varnish and UV paint, in choosing flooring must ask the paint type, don't buy Pu lacquer flooring, that is very environmentally unfriendly, benzene and formaldehyde emissions are high, paint a very short life, in Europe and the United States has been disabled. As UV paint and is divided into two species, a is General bright surface got coated UV paint, a is roll coated UV paint (some factory by publicity of Super wear paint) got coated UV paint need often playing la, paint surface life General in 2-3 years (to occurred larger of effect degradation to calculation) and roll coated just UV paint of addition a process, General for dumb light effect, surface is pitted-like, and as paint of Super wear sex General is in paint within joined alumina powder, this is is distinguish General roll coated paint and Super wear paint of important is, The manufacturers should be indicated on the Bill of sale.
4, recognize names the floor: the floor no matter what you buy, make sure the manufacturer stated in invoices and sales orders, floor name. This can prevent being cheated, once a name has issues, you absolutely can double claim. For example teak (teak), everyone are know teak is is precious of wood, can manufacturers to money, on more has such as teak King (actual is picked clusia rosea), Brazil teak (actual is twin leaves Su), many similar of name, actual they and teak fundamental has nothing to do, precious degree, and stability poor far has, just color, and pattern slightly has similar just, following provides some precious species of scientific name and English name (General species not need) to everyone reference: Black Walnut (United States black walnut walnut) origin United States, and Canada; teak (teak teak), origin Myanmar, and Thailand; maple wood (Canada Maple wood, and maple wood Maple) origin European, and Canada; red sandalwood (Balsam wood bean red cabreuva); oak wood (oak wood Oak) origin European; cherry wood (cherry), origin United States, and Canada, above species are is world States recognized of precious species, certainly also some manufacturers to they of Board take has such as pastoral maple wood, and Aegean red cherry, flashy of name, approach only a Wood origin, scientific name clearly written, lying against him, punishes him at least 1 time.
5, and do don't buy package brand products: now many floor no factory, registered a brand, got this manufacturers, that manufacturers to processing, packaging himself of brand, this is is terrible, he fundamental master can't quality, out has problem, he will to production manufacturers body push, let you dry with worried didn't approach, certainly he will said I this is manufacturers production of didn't problem, key is you can guarantee he not in several factory while processing did? And in small factory do only more with he of meaning, quality how can poor, price can high can low, looking for a production cost more low of factory, is package brand products forever of pursuit, and he of products once exposure, he as long as again registered a brand, another find manufacturers or fundamental without for manufacturers, on and can listed has, this is has factory of businesses do not to of, identification this class floor business of approach is first see box Shang has no site, signed contracts, make deposit Shi to he of manufacturers phone, with he said floor I to you set, but I to verified manufacturers, If it is not true you have to return to me (clearly written on the sales order) this is mainly buying laminate flooring and multilayer parquet to be careful.
6, Germany technology, Germany equipment and Germany made the difference (for flooring): Germany technical production, all laminate flooring can be called Germany technology for laminate flooring origin Germany, Germany is a major producer of laminate flooring and equipment suppliers, of course all the floor is a product of German technology, laminate flooring factory China 100%, called Germany technology. Germany device, it was accused of using some or part of Germany in China-made machinery and equipment, production floors, China 90% factory known as Germany equipment. Germany original imports, this is of description way is, each block floor back are to has made in Germany of identifies, and not Germany teach or other what, box Shang also to has, also to by Customs imports single, detection report (General imports manufacturers are can provides, as cannot, that for fakes) and Germany original imports floor price General will than domestic some manufacturers (as fillinger, and St as), to cheap some, that is because German of mass production, Pure results of mechanized production (and this only laminate flooring can be done three layers solid wood, solid wood are not) in terms of quality, not shoddy products mainly, is much the same.
7, and how see detection report: now market Shang of detection report more for sends report, is manufacturers took with several block sample sent quality sector detection out of report, quality sector only on sends samples is responsible for, such of report to qualified, closed looks at also do has, insufficient letter, key is to really things, for example three layer wood and multilayer wood, you to they of paint certificate and glue certificate, a asked must, because this two items is cannot sends of, as long as has certificate book, floor should didn't problem.
8, and which home buy Board which home: avoid construction party and floor business Zhijian wrangling of best method, consumers forever is weak, wants to wants to's, you in 38 degrees of high temperature Xia, see with you of decoration company and floor business each other accused, and you and cannot confirmed is who of wrong, that scene how, remember, opponents as long as a on enough has, with this method, at least you can confirmed find who lawsuit, sword out, mountain, Cang so tears Xia, you also have find associate with who o.
9, alert the sale tricks: floor upon completion of the procurement process, manufacturers are shipping, site installation phase, be careful at this stage, many unscrupulous businesses using this link to fool consumers. First, he will send the flooring to your home, make you the number of acknowledgements to check number, then upstairs to begin the installation, trick here, some businesses will have several boxes containing the floor was wood, generally you should only look at the appearance, and not a total package, his workers would be in when you don't throw pieces of wood. So a few packs of flooring in the money, and not enough floor, they will let you buy, it is complex. Some workers directly over your home when no one else, stealing two or three bags off the floor, so make sure you install the floor supervisor.
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