Cleaning of common sense

Sofa cleaning three methods

1, sitting or lying on the sofa, and be with hard objects or metal products.
2, leather couch for too long to accept indoor high energy light and sunlight exposure across the Windows.
3, winter in the sofa from the indoor heat source, such as a radiator or stove minimum distance should not be less than half a meter.
4, moreover, also to regularly wipe off the sofa fabric, keep it clean and good ventilation, especially in leather sofas, leather Brown eyes like human skin pores, but also need to "breathe".
Sofa cleaning
1, such as fabric sticking chewing gum on jelly, use an ice pack or ice water cools, fine linen cloth to gently wipe away fabric pen or ink marks on available soft rubber wiping to prevent fading, first in stain, add a few drops of water, wetting it and then wipe gently.
2, pay special attention to not use alcohol or other corrosive chemical solvent, so as not to damage fabrics and leather.
3, sofa sets, not too dirty to clean. If there are stains, wash to dry before sperm or dish detergent or net soak grease collar, and then gently rub oil clears then put in the wash after rinsing.
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