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Fabric sofa cleaning and maintenance 10 ways

1, fabric sofa cleaning and maintenance: fabric sofa in recent years more and more popular, but the sofa without cleaning, not only get dirty, are easily damaged.
1) cleaning: fabric sofa cleaning on a regular basis, if the weekly best, sofas handrails, backrest and crannies must also be taken into account, of course, also used towels to wipe, but when using the vacuum cleaner, do not use suction brush to prevent damage on textile fabrics woven wire cloth become fluffy, but also to avoid a large suction to suck. Sofa surface contamination, the best cleaned immediately. Free clean cloth dipped in water or special cleaning agent from the outside in wiping the sofa until removing stains. When the weather is sunny, might as well remove the cushion, cushion and when they got to dry under the Sun.
2) then use detergent to clean the sofa once a year, but afterwards you must thoroughly wash detergents, cannot be demolished parts after cleaning with a cleaning agent, also use a vacuum cleaner to the water drain, or are more likely to catch dirt.
3) sheath of fabric sofa usually can be cleaned. Elastic sleeve may wish to use the washing machine cleaning, larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry done. Screed jacket should pay attention to some flexible jacket is easy when dry ironing, even to iron you should consider the appearance of the iron inside of the sheath is more appropriate. If the sheath is made of cotton, it would be inappropriate ironing.
2, fabric sofa should be aware of when using:
1) sofa should avoid direct sunlight for a long time. Because direct sunlight for a long time will make the color fade, fabric elasticity decreases.
2) sofa cleaning on a regular basis, if it can be vacuumed once a week is better. Armrest, backrest and crannies must also be taken into account. Available turned angle more, and sucking head can for size of sucking dust device, to put sofa gap between of dust and foreign body clear, using sucking dust device Shi, don't with sucking brush, case its damage textile cloth Shang of weaving line and makes cloth became fluffy, more to avoid to King suction to sucking, move may led to weaving line was pulled broken, may wish to consider with small of vacuum cleaner to clean. This sofa clean and new.
3) fabric sofa, such as local pollution, contaminated sites can be cleaned with a small amount of alcohol, wipe with a towel; or selecting an appropriate chemical cleaning agents. But it is worth noting is that when chemicals are being used, you have to carefully read the instructions, or faded after the experiment can be used, the choice of cleaning agents, optional specialized cleaning agents containing antifouling agent, such as "scotchguard", and some silicone spray dust-proof effect, spray once a month.
4) due to the production of sofa can be removable and washable, if used for a long time, can be removed as a whole
Dry cleaning. (Do not wash), to iron sand hair after washing, be aware of some elastic cloth cover is easy to wash, even if pressed to consider the appearance of the fabric, so the ironing cloth cover on the inside is more appropriate.
5) seat cover Fabric sofas, armrest available cleaner once a year and kept in a cool, well ventilated place to dry, avoid direct sunlight, to avoid discoloration.
6) all imports of fabrics and linen fabric sheath should not be washed with water, and dry cleaning, to avoid off-line, the ball and lose colour.
7) try not to let the pet-sitting or lying on the sofa, to avoid leaving the hair and body oil stains.
8) fabric sofa with cotton, linen, polyester and wool and mixed fibres, after high temperature treatment, apart from the 100% cotton dry cleaning only, and other wet and dry washes can;
9) washing under controlled temperature 30 ℃-40 ℃, Perm hot dry after cleaning;
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