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Environmentally-friendly central air conditioning clean

Central air conditioning General by refrigerator group, and cooling tower, and hot and cold water system, and air regulation system, part composition, and cleaning main is on refrigeration unit within of hot exchange equipment (condensation device, and evaporator) and cooling water system, and cold media water system of pipeline for physical, and chemical phase combined of full cleaning, to also equipment a clean of metal surface, improve hot exchange rate, increased refrigeration volume, energy-saving consumption, extended equipment using years.
Specific steps are divided into:
(1) water: flushing out the system as much as possible with a large flow of water in the dust, silt, algae and corrosion products off some loose dirt to save in terms of the quantity, reduce cleaning costs and prepare for the next phase of chemical cleaning.
(2) biocides: by adding the biocide agents kill microorganisms in the system and device attachment of Biofouling on the surface stripped off.
(3) descaling Strip: join the stripping agent, detergent, dispersant discharges after the disintegration of the system of water cleaning, Rust removal, restore a clean metal surface.
(4) the pre-film passivated or: after cleaning the metal surfaces of equipment and piping in a State of very active activity, secondary oxidation easy to rust. A: If the equipment storage after cleaning, passivation to device b: If the machine is put into use after cleaning and pretreatment filming process. To better protect clean oxidation of metal surfaces to prevent rusting.
(5) water daily maintenance: by joining water treatment agents, inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae in the water to prevent crystallization, precipitation maximum of calcium and magnesium ions to keep metal surface cleaning.
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