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Exterior walls, glass-wall cleaning

External wall of high-rise projects include:
High outer wall clean, tall glass curtain clean exterior advertising, high outer wall whitewashes, high altitude installation. There is a risk and complexity for external wall of high-rise, so this work is a considerable scientific and professional.
The adhesion of dirt on the exterior wall, based firmly on the surface of a building under normal circumstances, because the combination of loose dirt is washed down by rain, the rest of the dirt can be broadly divided into the following categories:
Coulomb force with a wall of dust
By organic matter from sticking to the walls of dust and paper scraps leaves dirt and other solids;
High speed flight crashes into the wall, and glue in the wall after the death of insects, birds, wrecks;
Air pollution, rust on the surface of the outer wall; containing organic and inorganic salts left by rain water;
The rainwater from the roof left carrying the dirt.
Above dirt because of different kinds combine forces and combined in different ways, deposited on the outer walls at different times, so cleaning up in very different ways, facades cleaning agents made a series of technical requirements:
0 effectively wash on the external walls of buildings of all kinds of dirt without damage to exterior wall material, do not leave traces;
0 for use of washing machine, in a short time a good cleaning effect, low concentrations;
0 cleaning external wall there is a washing effect, at least without doing damage to doors, Windows and glass materials;
0 cleaning costs lower, cleaning costs are not high.
0 after cleaning do not cause pollution to the environment around, cleaning waste water without treatment to meet emissions standards.
To meet this requirement, facades cleaning agent surfactants and additives prepared with water-based detergents, use blending to a certain concentration (critical micelle concentration). Special cleaning of dirt on the exterior wall, hard surface can be entrapment besmirches spot cleaner design, you might consider adding organic solvents, inorganic or organic solvent, or with acidic detergents, used to scrub the local asphalt staining, adhering dirt and rust. Should generally be in local building cleaning before cleaning
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