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Maintenance tips for carpet

Maintenance tips for carpet
Rug is the family decoration, the beautified space environment decoration material.
Carpet color variety, texture soft, walks comfortably, are widely used.
Carpets when used, requires vacuumed once a day, so you can keep your carpet clean.
How to clean carpet?
1. daily using a brush and suction.
Brush roll not only combs the carpet and paint the adhesion of dust and grime.
So cleaning is better than a simple vacuuming.
2. to remove stains.
New stains are most easily removed, must be cleared in a timely manner.
If the stain dry or deep into carpet, carpet can cause long-term damage.
3. regular interim cleaning.
Pedestrians frequent rug, needs beating, regular interim cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dirt.
4. deep cleaning.
Once the dust deposited deep in the carpet fibers, you have to take the clean shop clean.
If there are stains on the carpet, such as coffee, Cola or fruit juices, absorb liquid with a dry cloth, wipe gently with a damp cloth.
If the stain is still there, with carpet spray spray stains, and then turn it into powder, in accordance with the ordinary dust will absorb.
In addition, steam cleaning machines for carpet cleaning on an annual basis, it will spew hot steam will stain.
There are several categories of dirt out of the carpet, one for dust and other particulate matter, and the other for dirt and grease and other chemical substances.
Former regular vacuuming or cleaning solution can be adopted, the latter with a chemical solvent, and professional guidance, if inappropriate, against the proliferation of stains, must exercise extreme caution.
Carpets should be paid attention to in the use of questions:
1, new carpets to use there will be slight v in the early, is a normal phenomenon.
2 beware of sharp, carpet surface scratches and cigarette burns.
3, carpet factory-done mostly moth treatment without placing repellents for carpets and human harm.
4, spilled on the carpet stains should be cleaned in time, time will be difficult to remove.
5, on the carpet after a period of time, a large number of bacteria and a bio called ticks and mites to thrive in it, direct harm to human health, should be regularly 2-3 months for thorough cleansing and disinfection.
5, in order to not bring dust into the carpet area, should be installed at the entrance to clean carpet pad.
Carpet cleaning:
According to pollution levels can be partial cleaning and General cleaning.
Partial cleaning: the main contaminated area or a small stain, there are several ways to
1, detergent or water spraying on the carpet, scrub with a towel, and finally dry the excess moisture.
2, with a good lotion into the carpet, with a nozzle and vacuum cleaner to vacuum.
Overall cleaning: in order to keep cleaning and carpet appearance, should hire a cleaning service to clean the carpets on a regular basis to ensure that carpets the Evergreen new.
In addition, the carpet after contact with chemicals, chemical stains or may appear faded, so to avoid carpet contamination commonly used chemicals, such as strong detergents and skin care products, in addition, the carpet too long exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise there will be a faded.
Carpet need vacuuming, dust inside accumulate in carpet, can cause fiber abrasion, are grey and the carpet, stairs, lobby, corridor and a frequent place, vacuuming two to three times a week, the bedroom should also vacuum at least once a week.
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