Cleaning of common sense

How leather sofa maintenance

Prohibited use of alcohol scrub.
Avoid placing in direct sunlight and moisture.
When oil or cream, dry with a dry cloth, then use shampoo to scrub, then scrub clean with water.
Ball-point pen when, as soon as possible with an eraser, erase.
If any grease or dirt, scrub with SOAP and water, then scrub clean with water.
Stained with beer, sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), substances such as coffee, scrubbed with SOAP and water, and then wash with water.
Use fresh milk to clean leather, making the leather more luster.
White furniture color do?
Furniture once bright and white color, it is ugly.
If using tooth powder (or toothpaste) to clean, can be changed.
But be warned, when you do not force too much, otherwise can damage the paint film and counterproductive.
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