Cleaning of common sense

Stone conservation implementation plan

(A) standard
Marble floor cleaning light wax evenly, no stains.
(B) cleaning, waxing, polishing, stone ground maintenance operating procedures
1, wax:
Tools and materials: brush machines including water tanks, washing scouring needle holder with black brush (Brown, red scouring brush), absorbing water machine water scraper, wax.
(1) opening to the job site machines, good cleaning needle seat, even the cleaning brush
(2) tank mounted with a good wax;
(3) press the power switch on the fuselage, make chassis pin driven cleaning brush rotation.
Note: the handle is up, move to the right of the fuselage; the handle downward, left the fuselage;
(4) press the tank lever to wipe the wax evenly on the ground;
(5) control the machine to and from left to right, back and forth 2~3;
(6) each in the upper and lower stack of about 10 cm;
(7) after the wax with a water machine water drains;
(8) the corner-MOP with a long handle brush twice a
(9) with water twice;
(10) to be blown dry after the sealing wax on the ground.
2, wax:
Tools and materials: falling wax head, MOP bucket and squeezed water, bottom wax, wax.
(1) drag wig falls down wax on wax;
(2) soaked in wax tractors;
(3) water tractors in squeeze clamps up to drag-and-drops of wax on;
(4) the wax evenly on the ground;
(5) after the dried wax and polishing machine (1500 rpm).
3, practice for high speed floor polishing machine:
(1) hand on the handle down, stand up, and then in the bottom center of the turntable needle seat install the cleaning brush (white);
(2) flat body, control dial handle upward so dial together with the cleaning brush close to the ground;
(3) when the power switch, dial back to 1000 rpm, ground polished
(4) polished walk is not too fast, should be kept at the speed of 50 m/min.
(5) the overlap between the rows and rows of 1/3, polished so as not to leak.
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