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Shaoxing County the perfect cleaning services limited (referred to as "perfectly clean"), located in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, China. Is professional of Shaoxing cleaning company, and Shaoxing cleaning company, and Shaoxing carpet cleaning company, and Shaoxing outside wall cleaning company, and Shaoxing smoke road cleaning company, for you provides Shaoxing cleaning, and Shaoxing cleaning, and Shaoxing carpet cleaning, and Shaoxing stone refurbished, and Shaoxing stone conservation, and Shaoxing smoke road cleaning, and Shaoxing outside wall cleaning, and Shaoxing tank cleaning, and Shaoxing wasteland cleaning company, and Shaoxing advertising brand cleaning, and keqiao domestic, and Shaoxing bright of engineering, service. Company registered capital of 1.1 million Yuan, now has 150 employees, produces and sells 5 million, annual sales revenue of nearly 1 million Yuan. The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose, with high quality products, good reputation, quality services to get high grades. Perfect cleaning and sincerely cooperate with domestic businesses in Shaoxing win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant!

companies rely on a well-trained and experienced staff, top cleaning equipment, scientific management system, advanced service concept professional cleaning of pre-service training, for our Green cleaning in the fierce market competition laid the lead to enable all enterprises extricate themselves from the solve everyday chores, more focus on their own core business development. Respect for the opinions and requests of customers, have the greatest ability to provide customers with comprehensive cleaning cleaning services is a green cleaning service, we will be depending on the cleaning business, develop environmentally-friendly, standardized construction procedures and strict acceptance criteria, achieve customer satisfaction rate is 100%. Since its inception the company has been providing cleaning services for hundreds of business units, and a number of foreign customers in service quality and service recognition.

a potential market is waiting for us to open up, and we are confident that, with their own hands for their own, more society to create a cleaner more beautiful tomorrow!

Shaoxing Perfect Cleaning Service Co.,Ltd

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